Friday, 3 January 2014

Stepping into 2014

 As a teenager it just didn't seem right that at sometime in the distant future we would refer to the year as 'two thousand and ....'  Now, many years later it just rolls off the tongue and so it is with ease that I wish each and every reader a

Very Happy and Prosperous 
Two thousand and Fourteen

and hope that this year knocks the socks off 2013!

You will have noticed that my blog posts dried up in July 2013 ... here's why:

At the end of 2012 we were so optimistic for 2013 and looked forward to being creative in and around our home and garden.  I was settling into my job with a new company, becoming familiar with the personalities and characters of all my residents, their friends and families and colleagues.  I had decided not to embark on any more studies and was looking forward to the mental break and having extra time to sew and read and generally play.

On 31st December 2012 I'd lost my voice and Enman was struggling to breathe after even the slightest physical activity.  It reached the point where we ended up with an ambulance transporting him to A&E about an hour before the new year.  After a few days I got my voice back but he ended up in A&E quite often, once just hours after being told by his GP that there was nothing wrong with him and I should take him home and give him pain relief tablets.  That night was the start of a week in hospital on intravenous drugs, followed by months of investigation, blood tests, xrays, ct and mri scans, which led to a consultant finding fluid in his right lung cavity and subsequently draining 400ml of fluid from that space using a lumber puncture needle.  Immediately (and obviously) there was a vast improvement.  However, Enman continued to struggle with chest infections and during September 2013 was finally diagnosed with bullous disease, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  During this time we adapted to becoming a single income household.

In the middle of these events I received an email from my Mom, who is retired and living in the most gorgous seaside town in the Western Cape, South Africa.  She had written to let me know that she had been diagnosed with odenocarcinoma.   I was stunned and didn't know how to respond.  In retrospect I think I had just become emotionally numb in order to cope with day to day 'stuff'.

When Harry met Meisie
The mood in the house became very sombre and there just didn't seem to be much to be thankful for really.  Even Harry appeared to have lost his Mojo.  So, I decided we needed a little help, and after much cajoling, (begging and pleading and making promises ) along came Meisie (pronounced Macey).  In South African Afrikaans the noun 'meisie' means young girl.  She is just so cute and was the most precious little bundle and enabled us to shift our focus away from the sombre health and financial issues and once again start to smile and laugh.

Daddy's girl
What else does a person do when it gets tough ... you enroll on another training course, join an international sewing bee, and join a local (National) bee  ... and start planning a trip to South Africa to visit with some very important people.

For us, 2013 ended with my return from the trip to South Africa, a very slight tan;
Enman getting back to being himself;
Mom doing very well after chemotherapy and surgery,
and a few flimsy quilt tops made, with a few being made into quilts.

South African sunset over False Bay
I'll save those for a Show and Tell session of blog posts.  All in all 2013 ended much better than it started and 2014 has begun in the most positive and promising way that we could wish for.


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